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The EU must reflect on the time it takes to get agreements with any major trading partner negotiated if they are going to be taken seriously in future. If CETA fails, any credibility the EU has in negotiation will be lost, including with Britain, so this is a vital vote from all our perspectives. The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 8.

It actually reduces the cost of food, for example seafood and meat coming from Canada. That is good for the poorest people in Europe. So that is what these free trade agreements are about. It is good for jobs, our ability to sell services to Canada, and to break into provincial government in Canada. So it is a good deal. Marek Jurek ECR , pytanie zadane przez podniesienie niebieskiej kartki. Was there a problem with the English booth and could we have a translation of the question please? Could I get some guidance from the booths as to whether they heard the question or do I need to repeat it?

I want to say to them: you have achieved, at least, reforms, even though we think they are far from enough, and you have ensured a Europe-wide debate on trade. This is a big achievement, and without you we would never have got that far. It is an agreement of the very old sort. But anyway, if the idea is that we like CETA because Canada is nice, then we should all be aware that the Commission is negotiating on many fronts, with many countries.

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So who are colleagues then willing to reject because they are less nice? I think we need cooperation with countries, especially with nice countries like Canada, and we need to trade and not just for the maple syrup. But we need to do it differently. Trade needs to be good for workers and employees, for consumers, for small-scale enterprises, for society as a whole, and not just for the super-big companies. And agreements need to set good standards, and — especially in these times — we need to work together for climate change, as this is our last chance to uphold international law because it is being challenged.

But no matter how the vote goes today, this is only the beginning of a struggle for fair trade and good cooperation, and we are ready for it. That is why investors should have exactly the same rights as people and also be able to claim those rights before the courts — courts that we can all go to, but not special courts where only investors can go, because investors have rights but they should have not have more rights than us normal people, the people in Europe and in Canada and elsewhere. I will take one and I may indeed have to drop the blue cards if our time is running out.

So just bear that in mind.

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This is sheer vanity. The EU should not manipulate the trade of the Member States in order to promote the foreign policy pretensions of a wannabe European superstate. Now, to the detail, and this is particularly important: in CETA, there is no clause, none, that confers freedom of movement on the citizens of Canada, nor freedom of movement into Canada for citizens of the EU Member States.

Nevertheless, it is endlessly asserted that any access at all to the EU single market requires freedom of movement. The facts are clear: this is wrong.

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This is completely untrue. It is erroneous; it is total tosh. And it is a tragedy for the integrity and credibility of our politics that many of those who stand in the way of Brexit persist in putting forward this false fact. That is fake news; that — Labour MEPs in particular, and they know who they are — that is the big lie. Janice Atkinson ENF , blue-card question. Why have we got a former socialist sociology lecturer from Sweden negotiating on behalf of the UK, which will bind us after Brexit?

As it is, we have somebody who is completely unqualified, and that is the person who the 27 other Member States are unfortunately stuck with. There is no need to wave, I can see you, sir. Could you just listen? Please sit down. We will now continue with our list of speakers.


Matteo Salvini ENF. Oggi siete complici dell'ennesimo regalo alle multinazionali e alla finanza.

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Datele ai vostri figli quelle schifezze! Noi vorremmo che ciascuno potesse mangiare quello che la terra e il mare e il buon Dio ci ha dato. Quarantamila posti di lavoro in Italia, quarantamila posti di lavoro in Francia: a rimetterci saranno sempre i soliti, a guadagnarci sarete voi. Preparatevi a far le valigie per andare o in Canada o in Cina, che vi aspettano a braccia aperte.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke NI.

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So I will not take any more blue cards, in order to give colleagues who have indicated that they wish to speak an opportunity to do so at the end of the debate. Make no mistake: we are going to do a lot more today than just agree on CETA. For one thing, we are going to prove our credibility.

With the conclusion of these negotiations we are going to prove that during difficult geopolitical times, when populism triumphs, we can set and support good international trade practices. With this Agreement we show that we are going to set certain rules that can be established for future agreements on trade around the world. If we can agree with Canada, if we can push forward to improve trade relations with Canada, if we can show the positive impact on citizens, on industry and on employment, this Agreement will show that this is the way to go.

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I believe that is why we should support it, because it is just one step towards reshaping the world in a positive manner. Yo no creo que este Acuerdo sea la panacea de nada ni sea el mejor acuerdo posible. Es el que hoy hemos conseguido. Jan Zahradil ECR. Not only that, it will facilitate access to public tenders at federal, provincial and local level in Canada. It will take care of European geographical indications, including Czech beer. Madam Commissioner, the EU needs to show now, more than ever, that it has not resigned, unlike some others, on the liberalisation of trade at international level, but not only that, the EU should stand ready to shape it.

Instead of closing our borders with protectionism we have to lead by example and make sure that there can be more such agreements with our key trade partners. Hoy, la casa de la democracia vende la democracia a las multinacionales. CETA baut unser Sozialwesen weiter ab. Marcel de Graaff ENF.

CETA is een volgende stap naar dictatuur en armoede. Dictatuur, omdat de multinationale ondernemingen het voor het zeggen krijgen.

here En armoede, omdat de multinationale ondernemingen hun producten laten maken in de goedkoopste landen, goedkoop qua lonen en goedkoop qua eisen ten aanzien van milieu- en arbeidsomstandigheden. Het voordeel van lage prijzen voor de burger wordt tenietgedaan door het verdwijnen van banen en lagere lonen.

Maar er is hoop. Steeds meer burgers in de EU doorzien de leugens van de gevestigde orde en sluiten zich aan bij de patriotten. Wij vertegenwoordigen het volk. Wij strijden voor hun vrijheid.