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The noises and pressures of flight terrified Laika: Her heartbeat rocketed to triple the normal rate, and her breath rate quadrupled. She reached orbit alive, circling the Earth in about minutes. Unfortunately, loss of the heat shield made the temperature in the capsule rise unexpectedly, taking its toll on Laika. During and after the flight, the Soviet Union kept up the fiction that Laika survived for several days. Soviet broadcasts claimed that Laika was alive until November While concerns about animal rights had not reached early 21 st century levels, some protested the deliberate decision to let Laika die because the Soviet Union lacked the technology to return her safely to Earth.

A pack of dog lovers attached protest signs to their pets and marched outside the United Nations in New York. The humane use of animal testing spaceflight was essential to preparation for manned spaceflight, Lewis believes. Alas, for Laika, even if everything had worked perfectly, and if she had been lucky enough to have plenty of food, water and oxygen, she would have died when the spaceship re-entered the atmosphere after 2, orbits.

Ironically, a flight that promised Laika's certain death also offered proof that space was livable. The show "Animating Life" is on view through May 20, Several folk and rock singers around the globe have dedicated songs to her. An English indie-pop group took her name, and a Finnish band called itself Laika and the Cosmonauts. She also would not be the last dog to take flight. Others returned from orbit alive. After the successful joint flight of Strelka and Belka, Strelka later produced puppies, and Khrushchev gave one to President John F.

During the days before manned flight, the United States primarily looked to members of the ape family as test subjects. Also, stray dogs were plentiful in the streets of the Soviet Union—easy to find and unlikely to be missed. This story also now includes updated information about the Portland Oregon Museum's exhibition "Animating Life. Continue or Give a Gift.

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It teaches each of the three parts by themselves, then merges the first and second, the first and third, the second and third, and then gives all three of them together. At the end the instruments fade out and one is left only with the beauty of the voices as they slowly fade away into the distance.

It is reminiscent of a cathedral setting and if one listens to the last three minutes, you can imagine the source of the mantra fading away into space, just the residual power remains. Set to a simple melody these Divine Names are powerful, simple, and beyond space and time. They should be performed with absolute respect and tremendous reverence. This album is designed to be of use to the practitioner of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. It is strongly recommended that this CD only be used for meditation in a clean space, with a candle lit.

For further information on the use of these names of God, please explore the book Lifting the Veil by Dr. The invocation is a traditional Kabbalistic prayer. It has so many benefits and can be expounded upon infinitely. Most important is the by performing this prayer, along with specific hand gestures, you can stabilize your aura, and bring yourself into balance with the energy of the time and space. It is a simple, powerful prayer. For more information, please explore the Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program available at www. Track These tracks are recorded in various ways, both traditional, and simple invocation of the various names of God.

This series features music specfically designed to use for Naam Yoga breathing exercises. See each album for more information and consult a doctor before trying any exercises. Beautiful, classically inspired music for performing the simple breath. Built in 7 bar patterns, this music stirs the emotions, lifts the soul and brings a joyful stillness perfect for relaxation.

This 7 bar pattern based track is a contemporary, chamber ensemble piece.

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The breath in this piece takes approximately 30 secs to complete an entire round. Take the first 8 beats to get accustomed to the speed of the music, and then begin on the 9th beat 3rd bar.

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This a slow, gentle, yet moving and emotional 30 minute piece. Perfect for extended breath practices and relaxation, this track is built using an ascending 7 bar pattern, inverted to make the piece a little bit more interesting. Each 7 bars takes approximately 45 seconds to complete. This is an extended breath practice that is both advanced and exemplary for relaxation. Simple, relaxing music to complement this advanced breathing technique. Music employs strings, melody and a gentle beat to indicate breathing patterns.

A classic approach to Sodarchan, using the ratio of for maximum effectiveness, thereby combining the breath ratio with mantra, with physical kriya. This 11 minute track is perfect for most people to start with. Take the first 8 beats to get accustomed to the speed of the music, and then begin on the 9th beat 3rd bar , inhaling for 4 counts, holding the breath and mentally chanting the mantra Wa He Guru 16 times, then exhaling for 8 beats.

Continue in this pattern for all 11 minutes. Joseph Michael Levry, available at www. Still using this classing ratio of for maximum effectiveness, this is a longer, more advanced approach to the same exercise, lasting a full 31 mins. This track is for advanced practice, still utilizing the breath ratio Track is a full 62 mins for extended practice by advanced practitioners.

Powerful healing music without vocals that is designed for use in healing sessions. All three tracks stimulate the feeling aspect of the soul to assist the practitioner in having a powerful, expansive and profound experience. A perfect background for healing work with an unobtrusive, yet soaring melody that builds over 30 minutes and stimulates the feeling aspect of a person.

As a healing practitioner, when your feelings are engaged through music while the mind is focused on the Divine and healing aspects of the recipient, miracles can happen. Listen for the changes that each season brings and allow the natural landscapes to assist in your healing session as your inner vision flies free. Feel the seasons dance on your skin as they transition from one into the next. This track is recorded using the same base as the previous track but this track is recorded with a 60 bpm frame drum providing a consistent, gentle beat throughout the piece.

Chris Merrill is founder of Practical Naam, a production company whose music division creates beautiful original music tracks and practical teaching aides such as specific tracks for yoga, meditation, breathwork and prayer. As a yogi, performing artist, teacher and music producer, Chris combines these talents to create teacher and practitioner driven tools that are relevant, musically interesting and practical.

Each track is specifically designed to meet a need in the repertoire of a teacher or student, and details such as track purpose, track use, tempo, track length, breath, repetitions, and more are taken into account to create a truly useful and practical tool for teaching, for practicing and authentic spiritual growth. I also wish to acknowledge Dr.

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Joseph Michael Levry, whose continuous positivity, encouragement and guidance has made all of this possible from day one. May these spread like wildfire, assist in the great work and positively impact all beings everywhere pervading space and time. This piece was originally created to serve as a background for one of the Archangels on the previous album, Invoking Archangels.

I liked it so much that we rewrote it to be a stand alone piece. It evokes a simple feeling of being inside a church, or the feeling of turning on a Sunday radio show. The simple tune could very easily be a 4 part hymn sung in a church service.